NexStar Holdings Corp
Specialty Products Division
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Types Of Products
As a private label chemical manufacturer, Nexstar has decades of experience in producing a wide variety of products. Our products include but are not limited to the categories below. Please contact us for more information about products in any of these categories, or about other products.

Home Care

Laundry Soap and Cleaners
Enzyme Cleaners
Dishwashing Detergents
All-Purpose Cleaners/Disinfectants
Fragrance Gels
Furniture Polishes (non-aerosol)
Bathroom Cleaners
Paste and Liquid Metal Polishes
Floor Waxes and Polishes
Carpet Cleaners
Glass Cleaners
Bulk Solutions for Wipe Towelettes

Automotive Appearance

Car Waxes and Polishes
Finish Restorers
Car Washes
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners
Wheel Cleaners
Tire Dressings

Automotive maintenance

Gas/Fuel Additives
Honey Oil/Stop Leak
Radiator Conditioner/Stop Leak
Engine Additives
Transmission Fluid
Hydraulic Oils
Rust Prevent Oils
Oil Additives
Gear Oils
Industrial Oils
Light Products

Health and Beauty
Produced under FDA guidelines

Vain Cream
Wrinkle Cream
Shampoo and Conditioners
Hair Styling Gels
Hair Spray and Spritz (non-aerosol)
Hand sanitizers
Baby care Products
Shower Soap/Body Washes
Hand and Body Lotions
Facial Lotion and Creams
Pet Products
Nutracutical Supplements
Topical Pain Gels
Suntan Products
Bulk Solutions for Wipe Towelettes
Anti snoring
Acne Products

Industrial/Janitorial Cleaning

All-Purpose Cleaners
Floor Waxes
Glass Cleaners

Personal Care Products

Shampoo and Conditioners
Hair Styling Gels
Liquid Soaps/Bath
Hair Spray and Spritz (non-aerosol)