What kind of product can we make for you?

Private Label Products

As a private label chemical manufacturer, Nexstar has decades of experience in producing a wide variety of products. We will work with you at every step of the process from development, to packaging and manufacturing. And we will continue to work with you as your private label partner keeping your supply chain flowing as your product demand grows.

Product Development

Nexstar has over 30 years of experience in developing products and has a data base of over 1,000 formulas that may already fit your product requirements.

We can use one of our house formulas, match a sample you provide us, or develop a new private label product to meet your needs.


We can develop and manufacture nearly any private label chemical product that you desire.

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, both in-house and through partner manufacturers, Nexstar has the experience and resources to produce your product cost effectively and at the highest quality in product and packaging.


Years of experience combined with many partnerships to quality vendors, give Nexstar full capabilities for producing attractive, cost effective packaging of every kind.

From bottles and spray bottles to tubs and tubes, Nexstar can help fit, design and develop the perfect packaging for your product.

Fulfillment & Continued Support

Nexstar is committed to providing quality manufacturing and on-time delivery with continued support on an ongoing basis.

We also offer an established network of international support with marketing outlets in more than 80 countries to provide further distribution options.

Lets become partners

Please contact us today to see if we could become partners in developing and producing your private label product.