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Product Development
Nexstar Specialty Products Division can assist your company to develop and manufacture any private label chemical that you desire. Our staff includes one of the best chemists in the field of formulating your private label product with over 25 years of experience. A fully equipped lab and data base of over 1,000 formulas will provide you with the best product to meet your requirements. We can use one of our house formulas, match a sample you provide us, or develop a new private label product to meet your needs.

Utilizing Nexstar’s own private label manufacturing operation or working with one of our manufacturing partners will assure you of the perfect solution to meet your needs. Nexstar will provide the following services unmatched in the industry.

R & D for private label product development
Multiple manufacturing partners assures best pricing and multiple sources so you avoid “putting all your eggs in one basket”.
Supervision of batching to insure consistent quality.
Regulatory issues
Raw material sourcing
Cost management
Timeline management
Customer/vendor liaison
Tremendous product diversity
Experienced staff with many years in the private label chemical and packaging industry.